Hristo Belchev

A Masters student in High-Performance Compute with Data Science at EPCC, University of Edinburgh. Interested in working on HPC projects and learning more about the field. Experienced in full-stack and cloud application development, with a history working in large and medium enterprise, as well as freelance.


The University of Edinburgh (EPCC)

Master of Science
High-Performance Compute with Data Science

Captain of the TeamEPCC ISC competition team

Modules in OpenMP and MPI programming

September 2022 - August 2023

Kingston University London

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science with Industrial Placement

First Class degree, recipient of awards for:

  • Best Overall Course Performance
  • Highest Dissertation Grade

President of the Kingston University Jiu-Jitsu club

Committee member of the Cyber Security club and Google Developer Student cub

September 2018 - July 2022

American College of Sofia

Bulgarian High-School Diploma

Qualified to the national round of Informatics Olympiad 2017/2018

Specialised in Informatics and Mathematics

September 2013 - May 2018


Back-end skills
  • Development using OpenMP and MPI in C
  • Python application development
  • Database (Postgres, MongoDB, Redis) administration
  • Kubernetes and OpenShift operator development
  • Bash scripting and Linux server configuration and networking

Web development tools
  • Prince2, Agile Development & Scrum
  • Cross Functional Teams


Academic mentor

Kingston University

Worked with first-, second- and third- year students in workshops and 1-1 sessions to help them cover the material from lectures. Aided lecturers in presentations during workshops. Held 1-1 sessions for my peers in third year to aid them in developing modern React applications, a skill I learned during my industrial palcement at IBM.

September 2019 - May 2022

Full-stack developer


Completed a full-year software development placement at IBM's Cloud and Cognitive business unit working on a variety of projects. Developed modern containerised web-application using React NodeJS and Redis, as well as working on OpenShift operators and integrations with ElasticSearch, Kafka and other first-party products.

June 2020 - July 2021

Web-developer technical lead


Worked with a team of three students and two lecturers in implementing am in-house web-based system for managing student attendance. Created the architecture for the microservices that would make up the final software solution. Introduced modern workflows such as automated CI/CD pipelines and containerisation. Directly managed the day-to-day work of one other student in developing the application RESTful API.

July 2021 - August 2021

Freelance web-developer

Creating tailored web-application for clients following an iterative development approach. Manage the entire software lifecycle, from writing code, to automated deployments and long-term management and hosting. As well as creating web-applications, I also have experience maintaining, migrating and modifying legacy C and PHP based applications.

September 2017 - Current


Belote with friends

An MIT-licensed implementation of the popular Bulgarian game Belote. The project was created using a React frontend and NodeJS/ backend. The game logic was implemented using simple JavaScript objects, with the game state for all the players being kept on the server. The application front-end, connected in real time to the back-end using web-sockets, represents the game state for all the players, allowing instantiations multiplayer gameplay right in the browser.

visit belote with friends

CISpace corporate website

The corporate website for Berlin-based share-space startup, CISpace. Being pioneers in the co-working space, the company needed to establish its presence online in order to capture the young working professionals that are their target demographic.Trough the years, the website has been extended and modified, but most of my work can still be seen online.

visit CISpace

Java GUI calculator

This is a project I developed for the 2017-2018 school year Bulgarian National Olympiad in Informatics The focus of the program is to help highschool students taking advanced mathematics.

It was developed over the course of several months, with active feedback from students and teachers, who were invited to test the product over its development. When it was presented, it passed the first round of the competition, and was one of the few projects from the city to be nominated for the national (third) round.

download java GUI calc


Outside of development, I am a regular member at my local TJJF jiu-jitsu club! I regularly take part of national events and competitions and help train novices in the first techniques on the syllabus. Aside from martial arts, I am also really passionate about road cycling and mountain biking and hiking!

In my spare time I also put my web-development skills to use, working on personal projects. Last year, I created an in-browser, real-time multiplayer implementation of the popular Bulgarian game of Belote, which you can find here.